Data Works, LLC’s Mission

Our mission is to provide organizations with the tools and capacity necessary to effectively meet their clients' needs. Program evaluation is about accountability, insight and quality improvement, and this is exactly what Data Works, LLC provides. We strive to help program managers and stakeholders to understand the role data plays in:  

  • Making Informed Decisions
  • Improving Service Delivery

  • Informing Policy
  • Securing and Maintaining Funding

Brief Bio

Data Works, LLC is owned by Angelica Thompson, Ph.D. Dr. Thompson is a highly qualified professional offering 14 years of research experience, with expertise in the academic achievement of at-risk youth. She is also a detail-oriented Program Evaluator with 6 years of experience evaluating program effectiveness and expanding the capacity of organizations to understand and utilize data to improve service delivery and achieve program goals.

Dr. Thompson has worked as a Research Assistant with the US Navy assessing sources of attrition for enlisted sailors, and as a Research Assistant with the University of Memphis specializing in child and family studies. She has also worked in the areas child advocacy and child and adolescent therapy. While addressing students' mental health needs, her concern for the alarming educational deficits these youth were experiencing led her to change her focus towards education. In 2007, she began utilizing her training in quantitative statistics, experience in child and adolescent psychology, and knowledge of theories of learning to work as a Research Analyst for her local school district. Later, she opened Data Works, LLC and began working with local organizations to deliver in-depth, quality program evaluations to help address
community needs.