What is Program Evaluation?

Program Evaluation is the systematic method for collecting, analyzing, and using data to answer questions about the processes and/or outcomes of programs to further their development
and improvement.

Why do I need it? 

  • To quantify your efforts – show what you are doing and for what purpose
  • To organize/streamline your activities – use research to determine what tools and activities have been successful in other programs to help save you time, effort and money, and to better serve your clients.
  • To ensure your activities are leading to the desired outcomes – knowledge of Program Theory is necessary to properly identify which activities are relevant and appropriate and what outcomes you can realistically expect from your activities.
  • To better serve your client – identify program strengths and weaknesses to attain your ultimate goal: helping your clients.
  • To gain funding for improving or expanding services – show potential funders that increased resources would yield increased impact.

An Evaluator Will Help You: 

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